Blue Knows Western North Carolina

Selling a Home in Western North Carolina

Blue Realty was founded specifically to help developers of luxury communities in Western North Carolina market and sell their real estate quickly and efficiently by implementing our proven professional strategies.

Digital Expertise

At Blue, we keep evolving to stay up-to-date with the most effective marketing and sales techniques, both creatively and technologically. We are constantly implementing our own updated strategies to become innovators in the world of selling real estate. We continue to blaze the trail for real estate digital media with a team of the smartest marketers in the fast-evolving digital space to bring in buyers to see the property. Real estate has been moving to the digital realm for years, and we are already there and have carved out a space for ourselves and our clients.

Sales Experience

The Blue Team has decades of sales experience under our belt, but our methods haven’t stayed in the past. We’ve taken tried and true sales strategies and combined them with front-line digital marketing techniques to draw in customers and close the sale. Our 21st-century digital strategy, mixed with timeless marketing and sales principles, produces results every time.

In-House Creatives

One of the reasons we stand out is our in-house creative director. Co-founder Chris Cassels has shot, filmed, and produced quality photos, films and other marketing materials for over 50 planned communities in six different countries. Since 1985, he has been considered one of the pioneers in film and digital media for planned communities and the lifestyle industry, and his productions have contributed to real estate sales in the billions of dollars. He has also filmed behind-the-scenes planning meetings for real estate companies, giving him the inside scoop on the most effective marketing strategies for the industry. Cassels takes his knowledge of film and design, expertise in real estate marketing, and passion for WNC to create top-notch creative for real estate developers and sellers.

Tangible Results

Our most recent client was having difficulty making sales. Blue Realty stepped in and re-positioned the developer’s property correctly within the marketplace, crafted a new community story, and then began to digitally cast it to a targeted web audience. The result today is a steady stream of qualified leads, many of which have converted into closed sales.

Passion for WNC

Our team all lives and breathes WNC. Not only do we work in and around cities like Asheville, Waynesville, and Hendersonville, but we also live here. Our passion for the area shines through in our conversations with buyers, so our pitch is sincere and convincing.

If you’re interested in benefiting from our digital expertise and sales experience, join us at the forefront of modern luxury real estate by emailing

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