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About Blue Realty

Blue Realty is a boutique real estate agency, specializing in luxury homes and real estate in Western North Carolina.

You could say that co-founder and real estate guru David Huffman has real estate in his blood. Literally. It runs in the family. As a broker, he has decades of experience all over the country and has closed sales in every luxury community throughout WNC. Those experiences provide the Blue Realty team the in-depth knowledge of all the local properties to better inform buyers about their unique characteristics. By working with all of the communities in the Asheville area and surrounding towns like Hendersonville and Waynesville, Blue Realty is equipped to find the perfect fit for their buyers. We work diligently to provide the most up-to-date information and comprehensive buyer resources to facilitate your home-buying experience.

Real estate developers, luxury communities, and individual sellers also trust Blue Realty to market and sell their property because they know that we have the Blue Formula – a combination of in-house, digital, and cutting-edge creatives and the expertise of natural salespeople who have adapted to the changing world of real estate. We provide seller resources that no other agency in the area can.

Our experience and passion for the mountain areas in Western North Carolina is contagious and shines through in our work.

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David Huffman


“Real estate sales is in my blood. Literally. It runs in the family. My father enjoyed a successful career helping others find their lifelong dreams on the NC coast. With Pop’s wisdom and an East Carolina University Marketing degree in hand, I began my journey. Sales have always been my calling and career path for as long as I can remember. And I love every minute of it.”

David began his career as a broker through the Governor’s Club, an upscale on-site development firm in Chapel Hill. His natural-born sales ability got him noticed quickly, and he won Rookie of the Year. Since that fateful first year, David has worked under mentors and giants in the industry from North Carolina to Florida. Now he gives back by training and mentoring his own proteges. He has ambitious plans for Blue Realty, but he still focuses on one client at a time. Today David enjoys the mountain life in Sylva, NC, where he lives with his daughter and son and their two dogs Splash and Arfie.

David embraces new technology to reach more buyers and sellers. His keen intuition combined with his 26 years of extensive experience allows him to anticipate and navigate the ever-changing world of real estate. That’s why in 2015 he and creative partner Chris Cassels decided to launch Blue Branding and Marketing and Blue Realty, a boutique agency which helps buyers, sellers, brokers, developers and builders market, sale and buy more real estate, homes and land. When David walks the land, he soaks it in and wears it – like a chameleon – camouflaged by his connection to the land. That’s why we call him the Land Whisperer and, however metaphysical the process, David’s ability to translate what he hears into a visceral narrative transcends the language of mere sales: it’s a benediction. The result is written on both the land and the ledger; the most successful properties in the southeast bear his distinctive imprimatur in the satisfaction of all parties to a transaction: the buyer, the builder, the land, and the dream.

“Most likely I’ve already walked the land you want to see. For professional service and my undivided attention contact me today at”

Will Mayse


“The time spent earning my degree solidified my affection for Western North Carolina. Being able to share that love by helping clients sell and buy properties in the mountains I call home is truly sweet.”

Will has a passion for the outdoors and for the majestic mountains of Western North Carolina. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Parks and Recreation Management from Western Carolina University, he decided to stay in the area he’s profoundly passionate about. A WNC resident since 2005, he’s built extensive knowledge and deep connections in the area. With more than 10 years’ experience in sales and customer service, Will knows what it takes to help his clients, so they achieve their goals and desires. Not only has he had the pleasure of helping people discover their own experiences in the mountains he loves, but he also enjoys taking care of his clients long after the sale is complete. He can’t wait to turn your dreams into reality. Will has extensive knowledge of all aspects of the real estate industry, including rentals and property management. He’s genuine when he connects with people, and he has a sincere desire to serve. It shows in his impeccable attention to detail. Allow Will to bring his negotiating skills to the table to make any buying or selling experience a great one.

Hallee Hauser

Broker- Office Manager

“Because of my love for these mountains, I feel I can help folks find their mountain dream home.”

Hallee runs Blue with meticulous organizational skills and a soaring passion for its mission. With a superior talent for getting things done even before she’s asked, Hallee’s earned the nickname “Radar.” A graduate of Western Carolina University, Hallee connects marketing with sales and coordinates clients with brokers. Originally from King, NC, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology. Once she moved to Sylva, she knew she’d found her home. The mountains, rivers and lakes make this the perfect place for an outdoor enthusiast like her. You can frequently find her on the river with friends when she’s not at work. Hallee loves helping people get what they want, and she’s eager to help Blue’s clients call these old mountains home too. A quick learner, Hallee rose through the ranks from her beginnings as a marketing associate to running everything at Blue in less than a year. Everyone who’s had the pleasure of working with her feels the energy and zeal she brings to the table in everything she does.

Anna Weinzerl

Administration Wizard

“There’s nothing quite like walking onto my deck and looking out at the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is a great way to start my day.”

Anna does it all! She manages the front desk and helps our BLUE Brokers connect with our clients and assist our team with any task needed from legal to scheduling ensuring that BLUE operates efficiently and is positioned for sustainable growth. She is a machine with data entry and excels in organization.

As a Florida native, Anna traded the “Salt Life” for the “Mountain Life”. Her Husband David had lived in WNC for several years and he longed to go back to the mountains, so in 2015 they packed up, left the hustle and bustle of Florida and headed north. Originally from a small South Florida town, Anna felt right at home in Sylva, NC.
She loves small historic towns and WNC has plenty of those to explore.

“I love working with everyone at Blue Realty, they are people who made me feel right at home and I can honestly say, I look forward to going to work.”

When she has free time you can find Anna playing in these old mountains with her husband and her dogs.

Spencer Black

Photographer – Filmmaker

“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.” — Ansel Adams

Spencer is Blue’s premier photographer and filmmaker. He captures the true essence of the homes and properties that make Blue exceptional. His passion for creating images moves the human spirit. His photographs stand out of the crowd. Spencer is a graduate of Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, but he now calls Asheville home. His preeminent work has been featured in National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times, Our State Magazine and the world-renowned TED X. He also produces outstanding aerials and short films of homes and homesites, which gives Blue’s clients a professional edge needed to sell or buy high-end homes. When he’s not taking pictures of homes, you can find him and his dogs somewhere in the mountains photographing the Blue Ghost fireflies in The Great Smoky Mountains or a time-lapse of the stars over the Blue Ridge Mountains. He loves telling stories with his images. When you hire Blue, Spencer brings the very best imagery and storytelling services to your project. Here’s Spencer’s two-page spread in National Geographic’s Magazine in September 6, 2013 issue:

Chris Cassels

Creative Director – Chief Storyteller

“I have always approached my work for the emotional connection first and then the logical connection. I produce images, films and creative storytelling to help folks find their dream home. If you feel the story first, then you’ll move toward the answers you seek.”

Chris has been creating magic for real estate since 1981 by approaching his topics from outside the proverbial box. His images, films and stories have led to outstanding real estate sales in high-end developments. His creative stories and profound productions connect to the human spirit and move people from curiosity to interest into action. Chris directs the entirety of Blue Realty marketing and messaging across all print and digital platforms. As a conductor leads a symphony, so Chris directs all Blue’s blogs, Google and Facebook ads, graphic designers, photographers, filmmakers, web pages, magazine ads and eblast campaigns, ensuring all the company’s efforts are in concert with each other. Chris’s work includes the covers of Time Magazine, People Magazine and Newsweek. National awards he garnered include Addy Awards, Best in National Radio 30-Second Award for Fotomat, Song of the Year with Somebody Touched the Lord by Perfect Heart, SGMA Awards, and Best Documentary for Julian Price Project at the New Urbanism Film Festival in Los Angeles and at the LA Invasion Festival.

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