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Selling your home can be challenging. Everyone has heard horror stories of homes that spent years on the market or dropped prices significantly. That is why choosing the right real estate agent to list your home is so important. If you don’t have a plan and your home stays on the market or has to drop in price, desperation can affect negotiations. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a real estate agent to sell your home. 

Look for Experience and Flawless Reputation

The best real estate agent will have experience selling homes in your area. While newer agents may be hungrier for a sale, they may also compromise and not hold firm to your asking price during negotiations. This is not always the case but trust your instincts. You know every detail of your home and community, you’ll want a real estate agent that knows the area as well or better than you do. They will understand how to market the benefits of your home. Also, look for someone with a fantastic reputation. Realtors live in a networking industry. If they have a bad reputation with others in the community, buyers may be advised against your home. 

Find Someone Detail-Oriented

The truth is, there are numerous details in the process of selling a home that you don’t want to miss. Details of the contract sale, the amount of time a buyer has to back out of a contract depending on the state you live in, real estate laws, appraisals, inspections, a great deal of paperwork and phone calls. A detail-oriented agent will help you navigate the process and give you confidence as you walk through each part of the selling process. 

Choose a Realist 

Before you try to choose a realtor, do research on your home and similar homes in the area. Understand your local housing market, selling points, and potential asking price before you meet with anyone. When you are interviewing listing agents, ask them questions about your home. Their answers should line up with your own. If they say they can sell your home at a higher price than you know it is worth, or with a shorter time table than you know is reasonable, you probably shouldn’t list with them. You want a realist. Someone that will point out the drawbacks of your home, things that need to be fixed, and a price point that makes sense. 

Visit Open Houses

Open houses are a great way to see firsthand an agent’s ability to show and sell a home. Watch for how a realtor highlights the unique details of a home. How do they respond to questions? Can they spin and sell despite concerns from buyers? Do they speak poorly of the home? How was the home staged? It is essentially a tryout. Visit open houses in homes similar to your own for a clearer display of what your own open house would look like. 

Get Referrals from Friends and Family

Word of mouth referrals is a time-honored way to choose a real estate agent. It can be a great way to hear reviews and find out how often they communicate, how quickly they sell, and their negotiation skills. However, as with any review, it should be taken with a grain of salt. Details of the home might have scared buyers away, they might have ignored the realtor’s advice, set the price too high, or tried to sell in a down market, none of which is the fault of the realtor. Use your best judgment. 

Interview Potential Listing Agents

Make an appointment and remember you are interviewing them, not the other way around. Ask them questions about your area, average prices in your neighborhood, how many houses do they sell a year, how many clients do they represent, etc. This is an opportunity to see if they can sell themselves. If they can, they should be able to sell your home. 

Consider their Marketing Strategy 

Digital marketing has changed the way homes are advertised and found by buyers. From the pictures displayed, to virtual tours and videos, the tools used to market your house are incredibly important. Ask potential realtors what their strategy would be for marketing, what tools they would use, what sites will your home be listed on, and examples of previous strategies. 

What to expect from a realtor selling your home–realtor responsibilities


  • Research and understand. A listing agent should conduct research on your home. They should know growth projections in your area, pricing trends, surrounding neighborhoods, school zones, and how to factor all of these analytics into a fair, competitive asking price. Potential agents should also provide a Customer Market Analysis when you interview them, which breaks down selling prices for homes in your area that are similar to your own. 
  • Communicate. More than knowing, the job of a selling realtor is to effectively communicate not only the facts but the process of listing. They should clearly break down your decisions and recommend courses of action. 
  • Market your home. Gone are the days of buying an ad in the paper and listing your home. Digital Marketing has changed the marketing field entirely, making a comprehensive marketing strategy an increasing necessity. The use of online listings, social media, extensive photos, and virtual tours have made searching for a home easier, cementing the need for a realtor who understands these tools.  
  • Feedback and advice. There are areas of every home that may need to be changed in order to sell. Your realtor should be upfront and honest with you about any recommendations or staging tips that will set you apart. You should also receive updates and responses from showings. This will help you stay in the know about what potential buyers like or scared them away.  
  • Negotiate. Your realtor should be an experienced negotiator. They should know when potential buyers are on the hook and when to push for more. A responsible Realtor will know what the negotiation points are and help you neutralize them before the buyer can use them to bring down your selling price. 
  • Handle the little details. There are numerous details that are involved in listing and closing a home. Laws to be followed, I’s to be dotted and T’s to be crossed. An experienced listing agent will help you navigate the details.

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